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Here is a sampling of some of our most popular technology-based learning sessions.

Integrating Technology to Enhance Daily Practice with Children and Families Series
Take time to consider how we can integrate technology into our daily practice to enhance the experiences of the children and families we work with. Build upon technical basics to enhance our understanding of building and coding as well as how we can use that knowledge to support and increase family engagement.

Session 1: The Technical Basics – Reflecting on how technology has been used within our programs and what the basics are we need to know. Are there other pieces of the puzzle we need to consider such as policy, best practices, benefits of technology and the right kind of screen time?

Session 2: Building and Coding with Technology – Children have been exposed to technology from a very young age and many have become very computer savvy so what’s next? Build on the skills children already have and dive into what before was only in their imaginations. We will investigate how coding utilizes a creative process in which computers are “told” how to execute different actions.

Session 3: Technology Strategies to Support Family Engagement – Investigate strategies to move away from paper copies to digital media and pathways to authentically engage our families within our programs. We will also explore different programs, resources, and tools.

Understanding the Best Practices of Technology in an Early Learning Environment Series
In this series, we will discuss valuable insights and practical strategies for effectively integrating technology into early learning settings to ensure an enriching and engaging experience for young learners.

Session 1: Embracing Technology – While nondigital technologies build the foundation for STEAM learning, digital technologies and interactive media can also be used to enhance it. However, proper digital literacy practices need to be adopted. Passive use of digital technology like watching television may not always be ideal for development, but computers and tablets, among others, can be tools for creation, imagination, and play, just as paintbrushes and markers are.

Session 2: Best Practices of Using Technology in the Early Years – Learn to identify the important intersection of play and technology and how digital technology can be used for collaboration and communication. In this session we also look at home and school communication, sleep time, the negative impacts of background TV, and why it is important to minimize exposure to advertising while supporting digital literacy.

Session 3: Embracing Technology Outdoors and In Nature – Technology can be used outdoors as a means to encourage physical activity and the use of all the human senses. Explore what it means to strike a balance between virtual and real experiences with physical activity, creative activity, and connections to nature, and how to critically evaluate apps and digital technologies outdoors.

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