Exploring the Potential of Technology as a Professional Learning Tool

Twenty-first century education is radically different as social media and new technologies are now part of life and learning. In order for educators to see technology not as a substitute for play or hands-on experience, but as a way to expand children’s play, options, ideas and problem-solving strategies, they must themselves play with technology. Overcoming resistance and reluctance is critical for the benefits of technology integration to be realized (Dietze, Kashin, 2013).

This hands-on workshop focussed on using technology for professional learning, giving participants opportunities to increase their comfort level with technology integration in early childhood education practice. This was a BYOD (bring your own device) workshop that explored the possibilities and potential of using technology as a professional learning tool. Diane curates multiple professional learning topics across multiple social media platforms including Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter. She is excited about the potential of social media to bring together likeminded individuals in a professional learning network (PLN) as well as its capacity to connect with families and inspire a whole new generation of children on the benefits of technology.